After much sourcing and reading about the MdS, I have finally found a rucksack that I can use for the race. Having worked out that there are a few models that people tend to use, I spoke to Mike at Likely who was brilliant. He suggested that I use a rucksack from aarn which fits all. The pack although complicated, is great and provides me with sufficient storage space to run with all the necessary equipment. It has two front pockets which are superb and each compartment will happily take a litre of water. Mike has used this type of rucksack running in the Gobi desert, so it seems suitable. Unfortunately the rucksack I was using previously has rubbed on my back, which is really common. I’ll need to rest it over the next week or so to help it heal.

I’ve also purchased my gaiters and hat. I’ll be interested to find out how the gaiters fit and how comfortable they are. I had a long chat with David from Sandbaggers about which to use and apparently some people choose the shorter gaiters as they look better. To be honest that is the least of my worries! I’m concerned about how to keep my feet sand tight which is the issue as the sand gets everywhere. I need to work in a similar way as to water proofing and ensure my feet are water tight. Then the sand will have problems getting hold of my feet.

I have run comfortably over the last few weeks, running up to two and a half hours in the heat. It has been great and I’ve felt really good, probably able to run further, but I don’t want to push it too much yet. My only issue at the moment are my Achilles, which are sore. I need to stretch these out, ice them and visit a physiotherapist. But overall my training is on track and it is going well.

I’ll cover each particular training phase, strategies to cope with long runs, eating on the run and other key tips over the next few weeks. I will be doing this for 2 charities (F.R.O.D.O. and Against Malaria) as it will keep me going in the toughest moments both during training and in the race. If you want to keep up with my training then visit diary

We are organising a charity children’s duathlon event to be held on Sunday 20th September, if you are interested then please get in touch with me. All funds raised will go to F.R.O.D.O.

If you want to get fit for summer, why not try early morning bootcamps? The July bootcamp is in full swing. There will be an August bootcamp starting the 3rd, and running until the 14th August. Visit for more information or call Georgie on 07736 070612.