I recently wrote to Superdrug regarding their new, and rather anti-social, habit of delivering during the morning school run (which is expressly prohibited) using extra large lorries, and parking right up to the corner of Broadway Avenue, causing an obstruction and severely impeding the sight line of anyone crossing, or turning left. I backed this up with some photos gained from 15 minutes of observation.

Superdrug responded immediately, and have come back with this response, which, if it is followed through, is excellent, and I think is to be applauded. Would you mind publishing this to show that not all of our neighbours are bad neighbours… And to ask that residents keep an eye out to see what is going on!

– from Nigel Cannings

Subject:  RE: Deliveries at St Margarets Road, Twickenham
Date:     Fri, 10 Jul 2009 13:23:43 +0100
From:     Simon
To:       Nigel

Dear Mr Cannings,

As promised, our store assessment team have visited the St Margarets
store regarding the valid concerns that you raised and the following
actions have now been put in place:

1. No deliveries will be made prior to 09:30am.

2. Our shortest length articulated vehicle (10m trailer) will be used as
the team feel this should fit the loading bay without causing issues.
However, this will be reviewed on the next delivery and an alternate
option put in place if the overhanging problem is still evident.

I hope that you find the above actions satisfactory and that you will
contact me directly if you have any further concerns. May I take this
opportunity to thank you for your valued feedback and be assured of our
best interests at all times with regards to the local communities where
our stores are situated.

Yours Sincerely,