I would like to bring to your attention the proposed development that, if approved, would be build between the A316 and the homes on the south side of Orchard Road. It would consist of two (2) three-bedroom houses and two (2) one-bedroom flats. These houses and flats would result in more traffic, more demand for parking spaces, (to say nothing of the havoc caused during construction) and is just another attempt by a developer to over-develop our neighbourhood for their financial gain.

In November of last year, when the Council asked the households which would be most immediately affected by this development to give their views on the proposal, 29 households lodged their objections - none supported it. The developer (with the guidance of the Planning Department) has since submitted numerous reports in an attempt to override the many objections cited by residents. Their last report, a parking survey, was sent to Planning on 10 June. I understand from Bryan Staff (in Planning) that his office will soon consider its decision. If you haven’t done so already might I urge you to look at the developer’s application and let Planning know your views.

This development, if built, would place a further burden on already limited parking in the area, generate more traffic on our neighbourhood roads, would be unsafe as there is insufficient access for emergency vehicles, and would result in damage or loss of trees on the adjoining properties, among other objections. The construction period would cause increased traffic congestion and noise pollution.


– from Kim Thomas