The long saga of the St Margarets Controlled Parking Zone [CPZ] is almost at an end. The results of the third and final round of consultation are on the Council website the Officers’ report [item 8] will be discussed at the meeting of the Transport Consultative Group at York House on Wednesday, 20 May 2009, starting at 6:30 pm. It recommends that the CPZ be extended to include two more roads only [Moor Mead and Sidney Roads] and the residents of Cole Park View and of The Grove flats in St Margarets Road.

This means that, as promised at the start of the consultation, the CPZ is only being implemented in roads where a majority [of those that voted] had said they wanted to join and then only after all the pros and cons had been outlined to residents. Cllr David Trigg, the Cabinet Member for Traffic, Transport and Parking, will decide whether to accept these new recommendations for extensions in the light of the discussion at the meeting.

As is normal with the introduction of a CPZ, including an extension, there will be a review of its operation [normally after 6 months]. There will therefore be a further opportunity for residents in those roads presently excluded to express their opinion. These will be evaluated by traffic officers to consider any amendments to the scheme.

Geoff Acton, Ben Khosa and Philip Morgan promised residents a CPZ consultation when they stood for election in 2006; they are pleased that it is now nearly finished three years later.

– from Christopher J Squire