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St Margarets Station Ticket Office Hours Cut 8.6 Percent

Ticket office hours at South West Trains (SWT) stations in London and Surrey will be cut by 219 hours a week, new figures show… Ticket offices at Barnes, Hampton and St Margarets will close up to an hour and a half earlier at night. None of them will be open after 7pm.

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23 February 2009 | news

Event Reminder: Kristin Yeatman

Kristin Yeatman

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20 February 2009 | around_town


In the summer of 1919 a local man, Mr Laurence, came to the conclusion that the only thing St Margarets needed to turn it into an earthly paradise- all the other necessary attributes being in place - was a Scout Troop, so on November 24th he started one. He cunningly called it the “1st St Margarets” and himself, being the leader, “Skipper”. The story has it that the first meetings were held under a gaslight on a street corner. True or not the fledgling troop soon found themselves settled in a room over Shipman’s Garage behind St Margarets Hotel.

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20 February 2009 | around_town

Jazz Jam at The Rising Sun

The Jazz Showcase is relaunching as the Jazz Jam. Relaunch night is Monday, 23rd February 2009 at 8.30pm. After that shows are on 9th March, 23rd March and then every Second and Fourth Monday of each month from 8.30.

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20 February 2009 | news

Forum Post: 66 Crown road - conversion to 8 bed-sits

The old surgery at 66 Crown road is currently being converted into 8 bed-sits. There is no planning application for this, no change of use has been granted and the builders are working as I type.

A previous planning application in respect of 66 Crown Road was refused last year. Richmond council have opened an enforcement case 09/0013EN.

If, like me, you have concerns regarding this development please email quoting the case number above.

from jayc

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19 February 2009 | news

Five Days in December

December 1952 started very cold. London found itself covered in a thick freezing fog which was unable to disperse because of an overlying cap of warmer air. In those days most homes were heated by open fires, so faced with the intense cold and fog Londoners began to burn more coal than usual. Concentrations of pollutants produced by the low quality, high sulphur coal increased 10 fold. One air quality reading measured 1,000 tonnes of smoke particles, 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 140 tonnes of hydrochloric acid and 14 tonnes of fluorine compounds in London’s air. There was also 370 tonnes of sulphur dioxide which converted into 800 tonnes of sulphuric acid. The smoke and the fog combined to form Smog - a dense, yellow blanket that stank of rotten eggs and obscured light and ultimately life. On Friday December 5th, with visibility dropping below 1 metre, cars and public transport stopped running and people, wheezing and coughing, had to grope their way through the streets. London was facing an environmental disaster the like of which they had never seen before. While higher parts of the city like Hampstead and Crystal Palace stood clear of the deadly miasma low lying areas like Richmond, Twickenham and St Margarets experienced its full horror. Local paper, “The Richmond Herald” reported;

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12 February 2009 | around_town

Event Reminder: Meet the Police and Talk '60 years of teenagers'

Come and meet the officers from the Richmond Borough Operations Command Unit of the Metropolitan Police, your Safer Neighbourhood Team officers and your local councillors. This is your chance to ask questions, discuss issues and make suggestions regarding how you would like your Ward to be policed.

Mike Roe, Senior Youth Worker, will start with a short talk: 60 years of teenagers

On Tuesday, 19 February 2009: 7pm-8.30pm at Heatham House Youth Centre.

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12 February 2009 | around_town

Guide Launched for Fairtrade Fortnight

A colourful guide to encourage even more people in Richmond upon Thames to buy ethically produced products is being launched for Fairtrade Fortnight (23 February to 8 March).

Richmond upon Thames has been a committed Fairtrade borough since 2006, with more than 100 businesses school and other organisations now using or selling Fairtrade goods.

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12 February 2009 | news

Recipe: Nutmeg and Chili, Chocolate Souffles

Valentine’s day is a great excuse to feed a chocolate addiction and to make something special for your loved ones. These souffles combine the strong flavours of chili, nutmeg and dark chocolate into a light fluffy dessert which has three distinct flavour undertones.

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12 February 2009 | food


layout: post title: “Tesco Loading Bay Earns Council £1400 a Day” permalink: /archives/2009/02/tesco_loading_bay_earns_council_1400_a_day.html commentfile: 2009-02-12-tesco_loading_bay_earns_council_1400_a_day category: news date: 2009-02-12 21:27:28 image: “/assets/images/2009/bbc_stm_loadbay-thumb.jpg” excerpt: |

bq. A London council has taken an average of £1,400 in parking fines per day from a single loading bay, it has emerged. bq.
bq. Over 20 months 10,000 fines were incurred at the St Margarets Road bay in Twickenham, south-west London. bq.
bq. bq. — bq. bq. parking sign bq. bq. bq. A London council has taken an average of £1,400 in parking fines per day from a single loading bay, it has emerged. bq. bq. Over 20 months 10,000 fines were incurred at the St Margarets Road bay in Twickenham, south-west London. bq. bq. Driver Lucio Milisci, who was fined three times for using the bay, said: “The signs are not clear enough.” bq. bq. Richmond councillor David Trigg admitted the number of fines from the bay was “high” but denied that the signs were confusing. bq. bq. Mr Trigg said: “The number of fines here was very high when we first put this in place but it has tailed off considerably now.” bq. bq. He added: “There are now no more fines here than any other loading bay in the borough.” bq. bq. Mr Trigg denied that drivers were being fined automatically after being filmed on CCTV while examining the bay’s signs. bq. bq. “If you are just there for a short time to look at the signage then you are not going to receive a ticket, it wouldn’t be reasonable,” he said. bq. bq. Richmond Council took £3.2m in parking fines across the borough over the past year. bq. bq. Parking fines raised a total of approximately £220m per year for London councils between 2005 and 2007. bq. p. – Story from BBC NEWS

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