The Council has been in receipt of comments from residents of the Morley Road area of Twickenham concerning parking and traffic conditions.

Morley Road is situated within the East Twickenham controlled parking zone (CPZ) (zone F) which comprises parking areas designated for use by resident permit holders, business permit holders and visitors (parking meter/voucher). Where parking areas are not designated, yellow lines (either single or double) are in place.

Following discussions with residents, the ward councillors and the Cabinet Member, it was decided to undertake a parking review in the area. The review, which has been undertaken by one of the Council’s consultants, set out to:

  • Identify any locations where extra parking areas could be created to maximise the overall parking capacity in the area. This includes the continuation of parking areas across driveways of single households (where considered safe and practical to do so) to allow residents/occupiers of these properties and/or their visitors to park in front of the driveways on display of a valid parking permit. This is in line with the Council’s policy for CPZs.
  • Address road safety problems caused by parked vehicles.

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