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Extension of CO2 parking charges

!(right) (co2 emissions sign)!

26 January 2009 | news

3-car Pile-up

bq. “Londoners are known for their tight parking skills but this little nudge in Richmond might be going a little too far…”

– from thelondonpaper

source from Ed Randall

26 January 2009 | around_town

Event Reminder: Richmond Orchestra Children's Concert

Le Boeuf

26 January 2009 | around_town

Why I Love That Twang Thang

We are old now and grey, but we still remember those arcane names that we mumbled to each other all those years ago in dreary school playgrounds - Fender, Gibson, Guild and Gretsch, Watkins Copicat, Binson Echolette. Say them aloud and you can still hear their poetry.

20 January 2009 | around_town

Ever Wanted to be Fitter?

AHM provides Community Focused ‘Low Impact Cardio’ exercise by the River Thames on Saturdays at 10am, Orleans Gardens by the Cafe / playground (back of Marble Hill Park). You need to be able to walk 45-minutes at ease, motivated and weather hardy as you are in the elements. Its FREE, its FUN, and its aimed at YOU!

20 January 2009 | around_town

Has Your Property Been Graffitied?

Graffiti is a Criminal Offence, that not only looks bad, but can attract other crime to the area.

20 January 2009 | around_town

Recipe: Thai Curried Chicken Salad

It’s January so if you’re anything like me you’ve decided its time to eat healthy and save some money. One of the easiest ways to do both at once is to bring a packed lunch to work. Not all offices have microwaves (or at least not microwaves you’d actually want to use) so the lunch possibilities are often limited to things that can be eaten cold, like salads and sandwiches. I must admit I get a bit bored with both so I came up with a recipe that’s a bit different, a little bit spicy and remains healthy at the same time. This Thai Curried Chicken Salad can be eaten either as a sandwich filling or on top of a salad.

19 January 2009 | food

Looking for a Venue? How About a Good Place for a Good Time?

Eel Pie Island in Twickenham first earned its reputation as a good place for a good time back in the 15th century. Henry VIII used to visit to enjoy Mrs Mayo’s famous pies and in its time the Ait has been home to a bowling alley, a pub, a nature reserve and a hotel with its own jazz club that in the 1960’s helped launch bands like the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Yardbirds. When the hotel burnt down in 1971 Eel Pie Island fell off the “Must Visit” list and slowly slipped into suburban slumber.

9 January 2009 | around_town

Wannabe a Pirate? Call for Auditions - Saturday 10th January

!(right) //!

6 January 2009 | around_town

Event Reminder: Flamenco Comes to 'Santa Margarita'

Flamenco classes are coming to St Margarets, and to get you in the Spanish spirit we would like to invite you to our Fiesta on Wednesday 14th January, 7.30pm - 9.00pm, at The Winchester Hall, Winchester Rd.

6 January 2009 | around_town

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