parvinu interior

Parvinu at Phelps has now opened providing St Margarets with a new wine bar with food.

They have been open for two weeks and when your website reporter called in the other evening seemed to be nicely busy. The bar has a great atmosphere, primarily due to the mix customers they seem to be attracting . Gavin Mitchell told us

“As you know we always believed that a responsibly managed bar offering excellent wines and easy dining in a comfortable setting would be well received in a community such as St Margarets. Judging by the response we have had so far we seem to be catering to the right audience and delivering at the right level. We aim to ensure that we maintain our standards and enhance our offering so that we can consolidate ourselves as a positive addition and be a contributor to the local community.”

Parvinu were asked in the licensing consent to make our details available on the local community website;

The Sub-Committee imposed two further conditions upon the licence:

A telephone number of a contact person shall be made available to nearby residents, posted on the community website and mail-dropped to the immediate area prior to opening.

Gavin Mitchell is the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and General Manager is Tim Vaughan Spencer. Both of can be contacted on 020 8892 7166 or in case of any queries.