Hurrah! The long wait is over!

The Bearcat Comedy Club returns for its umpteenth (24th) great season, still full of vigour, vitality, viagra and visecracks!

The line-up for our First Show is an indication of our usual High Comedy Values.

  • ADAM BLOOM - a one-time schoolboy native to the Richmond area, who now commands the Comedy Airwaves and rattles his message with sublime skill and wit.
  • TERRY ALDERTON has emrged into the comedy form of his life - and he was already brilliant. If you have seen him before - he’s the one who spends a deal of time talking to his inner voice with his back to the crowd. Its a rare feat of absolute hilarity. If you haven’t seen him - you MUST!
  • STEVE NALLON made his name in the era of Spitting Image, when he WAS the voice of Margaret Thatcher (former UK Prime Minister for you younger members), and now brings his range of comedy impressions to a live audience in St Margarets - that’s showbusiness!
  • CHRISTIAN REILLY has a guitar, a stunning voice and a cheeky take on most things in life. He is a “real crowdpleaser”, and that can’t be a bad thing!