Alce Harfield's work

Come see an exhibition of Art work by the artist Alce Harfield at the The Hampton Hill Playhouse.

Alce was born in Sussex in 1966 into an unusually artistic family. She grew up surrounded by photographers, art teachers, architects and printmakers, so it came as no surprise when she embarked on an artistic career of her own. Alce studied at Worthing College of Art, prior to gaining an honours degree from Leicester Polytechnic.

Painted in acrylics on canvas and paper, Alce’s work betrays a wide range of influences and is eager to experiment. She is well known for her broad spectrum of work, including landscapes and cityscapes, figurative pieces and more whimsical contemporary imagery.


  • Venue
    • The Hampton Hill Playhouse, 90 High St, Hampton Hill, Hampton, TW12 1NY
  • Dates
    • Sunday 14th - Saturday 20th September from 1900hrs.
    • Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th October from 1900hrs.
    • Sunday 12th - Saturday 18th October from 1900hrs.
    • Wednesday 22nd - Sunday 26th October from 1900hrs.