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Harrison Branthwaite vs. The Demon Drink

!(photo right) 150x174!

31 August 2008 | around_town

Tiny Flies Invading Houses?

In late May/ June my house (north St Margarets) was invaded by large numbers of very small flies.

31 August 2008 | around_town

House Clearance Sale - 30 August 2pm - 4:30pm

Well I’m gonna go and do it – live abroad for a while that is. So my home will become someone else’s and I need to shift some stuff. Nothing too exciting but there might be a bargain or two that could be useful to you.

28 August 2008 | around_town

Great Annual Street Sale - September 6th - It's A Guaranteed GASS!

When they start handing out medals for the “Most Dynamic Community Group of the Year”, at the very front of the queue will be NSMRA… the mighty ‘North St Margarets Residents’ Association’. Their record of community activities ranges from regular dances, quizzes and children’s parties through to their signature event - GASS Day - the Great Annual Street Sale, which takes place on Saturday 6th September from 2.00pm.

27 August 2008 | around_town

Cocoon Spa Closed

Cocoon Spa has recently ceased trading. The former owner, Jane Franks, has contacted this site with information about outstanding vouchers.

26 August 2008 | around_town

The Rising Sun

We are now under new ownership.

22 August 2008 | around_town

How the Motorway Nearly Came to St Margarets

In 1943, with a World War still to be won and victory far from certain the Government commissioned a group of civil engineers, architects and town planners to draw up plans for the London that would be built once peace came. There was a lot to do. A third of the London housing stock was damaged and nearly 1 ½ million people were in need of homes. The group, working under Sir Patrick Abercrombie, produced two reports – the County of London Plan 1943 and the Greater London Plan 1944. These are staggering documents – for their detail, the breadth of their vision and above all their sheer optimism. At a time when Europe was firmly under the heel of the Nazi jackboot and peace and security seemed a forlorn hope Abercrombie and his team were envisaging an urban utopia – with new homes on smart estates, large areas of open space for everyone to enjoy (4 acres of per 1000 people was the recommended standard), a ‘green belt’ to control urban sprawl and a network of urban roads and fast expressways connecting cities. Look at any modern road atlas and you will see Abercrombie’s 1943 proposed scheme in actuality – the North and South Circular roads, the M25 orbital road and radiating out from the centre the now familiar motorways.

14 August 2008 | around_town

Marble Hill Event Day Controlled Parking Zone

You may recall that last year the council introduced an Event Day Only Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in all roads situated within East Twickenham controlled parking zone F and St Margarets South controlled parking zone S during the Marble Hill concerts.

14 August 2008 | news

Event Reminder: Kan Kan Kangaroo

Kan Kan

6 August 2008 | around_town

Event Reminder: Larks in the Park


6 August 2008 | around_town

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