Richmond Council’s Manager for Transport and Highways, Graham Beattie has posted his recommendation for the St Margarets CPZ extension ahead of the 18 June Transport Consultative Group meeting.

They have recommended to extend the CPZ only to Bridge and Winchester Roads and a further review in six months.

Here are the highlights of the recommendation and survey results from the report:


2.1 That the Cabinet Member for Traffic, Transport and Parking approves the implementation of an extension to the St Margarets South CPZ into Bridge Road and Winchester Road, St Margarets

2.2 That a review of the new CPZ extension is undertaken after a period of operation of six months

Results of consultation

4.9 A total of 900 questionnaires were posted via Royal Mail to all properties within the proposed CPZ extension consultation boundary. Of this number a total of 462 (51%) have been returned. A summary of the results of the consultation exercise is shown as Appendix B.

4.10 Out of the 462 who returned their questionnaires, 147 (32) voted in favour of the CPZ and 305 (66) voted against the CPZ with 10 (2%) being undecided. The percentages are based on the total number of returned questionnaires.

4.11 Analysis on a street by street basis shows:

Question 1 “Would you like your road to be included in the St Margarets South controlled parking zone (zone S) operating between 10am and 4.30pm on Monday to Friday?”

  • Substantial support for a CPZ extension in Bridge Road and Winchester Road
  • Some or marginal support for a CPZ extension in Drummond Place, Hill View Road and Sidney Road
  • Insufficient support for a CPZ extension in Brook Road, Chertsey Road, Cole Park View, Godstone Road, Kenley Road, Moor Mead Road, Orchard Road, South Western Road, St Margarets Grove, and St Margarets Road.

Question 2 “If the adjacent roads have a CPZ introduced would you then want your road to be included?”

  • Some support for a CPZ extension in Chertsey Road and Cole Park View.

4.12 Due to the analysis showing substantial support for a CPZ extension in Bridge Road and Winchester Road and that these roads are situated adjacent to the existing CPZ, it is recommended that the CPZ be extended to these two roads only at this time and that the situation be monitored and reviewed after the extension has been in operation for six months. The review will provide the opportunity for any further extensions to the CPZ to be considered.