Georgie Islip

How to start increasing your distance and pace

  1. Start off running slowly, so you keep some energy in reserve. You can always increase your pace at the end of the run. Stay at a pace that you can easily hold a conversation.
  2. Often running with upbeat music will help to motivate you and improve your pace. If you are planning a tempo session (which involves several sets of fast running for a set period of time) sort out a playlist which will help to keep you running at your target speed.
  3. Running with beautiful scenery will help stimulate you to keep going longer. Running in Richmond Park or down by the river are both ideal.
  4. Build up your distance slowly by adding an extra 5-* minutes onto your longer runs. Follow these sessions either by a rest day or an easy jog.


Bootcamps are for those who want to get tough with their training and improve their fitness levels. These are hard sessions but great fun. Bookings for July bootcamps are now being taken. Spaces are limited so to reserve a place please call Georgie.

Fit a £5 in the Park

Why not try a circuit class in the park at lunch time. Buggies are welcome. No booking required, just turn up. Sessions are run during term time only.

Class Timetable

Day Time Place Class Level
Monday 12.30pm Marble Hill Park Fit for £* Adult circuit class Beginner
Monday 2.00pm Marble Hill Park Running group Intermediate
Wednesday 9.00am Orleans Infant school Running group Intermediate
Thursday 2.00pm Marble Hill Park Running group Intermediate/ Advanced
Friday 9.00am Orleans Infant School Running group Intermediate
Alternate Saturdays 8.30am St Margarets Station Long run Intermediate