James Page and Bamber Gascoigne

The Richmond and Twickenham Green Party held a public screening of the film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” recently. James Page (left in picture), explained how he thought the time may now have arrived for electric cars. Not only do they have a high overall efficiency (as shown in a recent WWF report ) but en masse they offer a partial solution to the inevitable problem we will reach with wind power: the storing of electricity.

Bamber Gascoigne (right) then introduced the film, andemphasised how his G-Wiz was such fun to drive. He had only run out of electricity once, and on that occasion a corner shop was happy to oblige.

There were at least two other EV drivers in the audience. Philip Day from Goingreen had brought along the latest the model: the G-Wiz i and was able to answer technical questions. Mike Wilsdon, from Kew, brought pictures of a 1945 plastic bodied French vehicle. He alsoh as a diverse collection of antique cycles collected over the years from various countries, which he is happy to show visitors by arrangement.

Several manufacturers are working on ‘plug-in hybrids’ (hybrid hybrids, if you like) making use of the higher performance lithium-ion batteries. A French designed car that stores energy with compressed air is also under development. And yes, a sequel to the film is due out in the autumn. If there is enough demand to cover costs we might show it locally.