Nark Drool and the Shudders

About a year ago a local bunch of gently decaying rock ‘n’ roll musicians realised that the only way they were going to save their much loved band, the Shudders, from dereliction and destitution, was to take on a couple of hip shaking chantoosies, who could ‘shoo bee doo’ like the Shirelles and ‘dah doo ron ron’ like the Ronettes.


They placed a smoothly worded small ad in the prestigious pages of the St Margarets Community Website Newsletter stating quite bluntly that age and experience were totally immaterial… Rock Chicks Needed!


A couple of totally inexperienced hip shaking chantoosies appeared and before long had doo lang doo lang’ed their way into the band’s hearts and more importantly the band’s repertoire. Inevitably they became known as ‘The Shudderelles’.

Now the same bunch of rock ‘n’ roll musicians - no longer gently decaying - and their hip shaking chantoosies are ready to make some noise. You can catch them in action, as live as you like, at the St Margarets Fair on Saturday 12th July and the Strawberry Hill Music Fair, the following day, Sunday 13th July. Just look out for “Nark Drool and the Shudders, featuring the Sensational Shudderelles”.

Which only goes to show. It does pay to advertise. Locally. In the St Margarets Community Website Newsletter.

For more information on the band please contact:-

Billy Sincere on 020 8892 5211