The 1st St Margarets Scout Group came into being nearly 90 years ago. As their motto says, they’ve been “in tents since 1919”!

From a small group of boys meeting in a dusty Church Hall the group has grown spectacularly. Now there is a lively Beavers colony for the under 8’s, a 20 strong Cub Pack, a Scout Troop and an Explorer Unit for the older Scouts. Such is the expansion that the Group has just been awarded a special certificate to mark the impressive increase in membership.

Scouting has also developed since 1919. Tying knots and putting up tents may still be part of the programme but today’s activities include canoeing, abseiling, go karting, survival training, computer skills and even spending nights in some strange places like the gun deck of “H.M.S Belfast” or the vaults at London Dungeon! Modern Scouting is also open at all levels to girls. I wonder what Baden Powell who founded the movement would think of that!?

Success does bring its own problems however and now the 1st St Margarets is looking for helpers and leaders to take the group forward. In particular the Beavers, aged between 6 and 8 years, are looking for a leader to organise their meetings and guide them through their many activities. Life in the Beaver Colony can be great fun and challenging too, but there is help on all sides. As well as full support from within the Group, the Scout Organisation itself has a website bursting with suggestions for activities and games.

The main principle of Scouting is to help young people develop their own potential, physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially. It doesn’t take much to set a young person on the right road and this is your chance to do just that. Remember what the wise old owl Socrates said…

“No man goeth about a more godly purpose then he who is mindful of the right upbringing not only of his own, but of other men’s children”.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a leader or helper please ring Anna Scothern on 020 8332 9068 or by E Mail to