Georgie Islip

How to improve fitness levels.

  1. Look at a building a race into your training programme as this will keep you motivated.
  2. If you have limited time to train, try a circuit session. Warm up and then compete the following:
    • 10 fast squats
    • 20 alternate lunges
    • 10 press ups
    • Run for 90 seconds
    • 20 sit ups
    • 20 low squats
    • 15 tricep dips
    • Run 90 seconds
    • 15 squat thrusts with jump
    • 10 alternate lunges
    • Plank held for 30 seconds
    • Repeat and then cool down.
  3. To improve your fitness levels include speed work or a tempo session in your workout. Always warm up and cool down. For the speed session, increase your speed for a short distance and then run easily a similar distance. For the tempo session increase your pace so it is comfortably hard for 4-15 minutes depending on your fitness levels. Run easily for 2-5 minutes and then repeat.
  4. Include a strength training session in your programme. This will help to prevent injuries. Include squats, lunges, single leg squats, press ups and stomach exercises in your regime.


Boot camps for May will be held on Tuesday 6th May until Friday 16th May. Meet at 6.15am by Marble Hill car park. The session lasts an hour. Please call Georgie on 07736 070612 as there are a few places left.


Mondays 12.30pm in Marble Hill Park. This class is aimed at beginners or those who want to tone up and work on strengthening bums and tums. There is no need to book, just turn up and pay £5 Buggies welcome.


Thursdays at 2pm in Marble Hill Park, meet by the car park. Session includes speed work and tempo running.