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The 1st St Margarets Scout Group came into being nearly 90 years ago. As their motto says, they’ve been “in tents since 1919”!

From a small group of boys meeting in a dusty Church Hall the group has grown spectacularly. Now there is a lively Beavers colony for the under 8’s, a 20 strong Cub Pack, a Scout Troop and an Explorer Unit for the older Scouts. Such is the expansion that the Group has just been awarded a special certificate to mark the impressive increase in membership.

30 May 2008 | news

The Red Hot Follow Up Story

Nark Drool and the Shudders

30 May 2008 | news

More on Marble Hill Concerts

We asked Tim Beale, the Visitor Operations Manager of Marble Hill House, why only two concerts this year? Here was the reply:

30 May 2008 | news

Marble Hill Concerts

This summer there are only two concerts scheduled for Marble Hill House. The producer has been changed to MA from IMG last year. The two concerts are:

22 May 2008 | news

St Margarets to Send Medical Team to Help Romanian Children

A group of St Margarets’ families has recently become involved with a UK charity working in Romania. FRODO (Foundation for the Relief of Disabled Orphans), accesses urgent medical treatment for disabled children who have been orphaned or abandoned and are last in the line for healthcare. Romania remains the country with the highest incidence of abandoned children anywhere in the world - there are hundreds of children without decent medical care.

22 May 2008 | news

Fitness Tips and Class Times from GeoLifestyle - No. 4

How to beat your exercising excuses

Make sure you warm up well. Begin your warm by walking for 2 minutes and then start jogging. Run easily for about 5 minutes. Taking walking breaks when you need them.

Keep your pace slow. Do not run too quickly as this will make the session hard.

Run somewhere new so you do not get bored of your running route.

Try running some of the free 5K time trial runs in the local parks. These are great fun and provide a good monitor as to how your training is working out.

Have a go at a new exercise class. Do a workout that you have not done before. This will keep you motivated and help supplement your training.

Start to run using a heart rate monitor. This will provide a good indicator to how hard you are training and your progression.

22 May 2008 | around_town

Planning Refused for 66 Crown Road

At the planning committee meeting on the 15th of May the application to turn the former doctors surgery at 66 Crown Road into 2 two bed flats, 1 one bed flat and a studio flat was refused. This was despite the planning officer having recommended that the proposal be granted. Forty residents had registered individual objections to the proposed plan which initially included a suggestion that the development would take the doctors parking bay and use it for their own personal use. This was then amended with a suggestion that the number of parking permits would be legally restricted to two permits from that address. The committee was concerned at the amount of flats being proposed in the development which would not even have left room for sufficient space for bicycle parking for all the householders.

15 May 2008 | news

Poll: CPZ Second Stage

As you are probably aware, the second stage questionnaire needs to be returned to the Richmond Council by Friday 23 May 2008 as do any comments or representations to the Transport Consultative Group. However, we would like to take another informal poll on this site to see if anything has changed since our poll in June 2006

15 May 2008 | news

St Stephen's Curriculum 'outstanding' says Ofsted

St Stephans CE Junior School

15 May 2008 | news

Letter: Why We Need a CPZ

“Some residents of Sidney Road are distributing a flier in our street summarising why we believe we cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to become a controlled parking zone. Perhaps residents of other streets in the consultation area may be interested in our reasoning.”

15 May 2008 | news

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