Georgie Islip

How to improve fitness levels.

  1. Always warm up for about 5 minutes before you do any exercise. If you are going out running, start off by walking so you get yourself ready for your run. Stretching is not necessary before a run, but will help reduce muscle soreness at the end of your exercise session. Again cool down for about 5 minutes.
  2. Avoid running the same route all the time. Try a new route to help keep you motivated.
  3. Head out to Richmond Park and try running a few hills. These are great to improve your strength and fitness levels. Start off slowly and remember not to increase your efforts by more than 10% per week to help avoid injuries.
  4. Cross training is a great way to improve strength. Get out on your bike and cycle, or visit the local swimming pool and do some lengths.
  5. Vary your training programme so you do not get bored. Try a speed session, strength training or a long run.
  6. Make sure if you are heading out for more than 60 minutes, take a sports drink with you. This will help keep you hydrated whilst providing important energy for your longer session.

New classes

  • Mondays 12.30pm in Marble Hill Park. This class is aimed at beginners or those who want to tone up. There is no need to book, just turn up and pay £5. Buggies welcome.
  • Bootcamps for May will be held on Tuesday 6th May until Friday 16th May. Meet Marble Hill car park at 6.15am. Please call Georgie on 07736 070612 to book as places will be limited.