Georgie Islip

I have been running my personal training and fitness business for the last five years. I currently run group running sessions during the week. These workouts are varied and focus on improving fitness levels. You do not need to be an experienced runner to manage one of these sessions, but just keen to improve your fitness.

– from Georgie Islip at GeoLifestyle

Top fitness tips

  1. Book exercise into your diary as an appointment, as it means you are less likely to miss it.
  2. If you decide you are going to exercise first thing in the morning, put your kit out so that it is the first thing you see in the morning and you have no excuse!
  3. If you are just starting out running, then walking first for 4-6 minutes and then pick up running for 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 20-30 minutes. Build up slowly so you run for longer each week.
  4. Do not increase your training by more than 10% per week as this can lead to injuries.
  5. If you are keen to improve your running then once a week during an easy run add in 4-6 hard 60 second pickups. Increase your pace to a hard effort and then run easy for about 4 minutes. Concentrate on your running technique, during these hard efforts, and focus on being light on your feet.
  6. If you have 40-60 minutes to exercise each week, do 2-3 20minutes easy runs whilst focusing on running smoothly.
    • If you have 90 minutes each week, then do 2 30minute runs and 1 20 minute run with 10 minutes of strength training at the end.
    • If you have 120 minutes per week, then try 2 20 minute runs, 1 40 minute run, and 2 20 minute strength training.

New Classes

I am now introducing pre-school and adult fitness classes in the local parks for this spring and summer. (See timetable below for details.) The adult session will be aimed at beginners who want to tone up. There will be limited running involved. No booking is required for this session, just turn up.

The pre-school sessions will focus on helping children with co-ordination, balance, building strength, posture, fitness and enjoying sport. All aspects are important for starting school.

Fitness Time table

Day Time Place Class Level
Monday 12.30pm Marble Hill Park Adult fitness Beginner - NEW
  2.00pm Marble Hill Park* Running group Intermediate
Tuesday 10.00am Marble Hill Park Children’s Fit Club NEW
Wednesday 9.00am Orleans Infant School Running group Intermediate
Thursday 1.00pm Marble Hill Park Children’s Fit Club NEW
  2.00pm Marble Hill Park Running group Advanced
Friday 9.00am Orleans Infant School Running group Intermediate
  10.15am Moor Mead Park Children’s Fit Club NEW
Saturday 8.30am St Margarets Station Long run Intermediate
  • Meet by the car park in Marble Hill.

Boot camps

I will be running boot camps over the next few months. These would involve training early morning every day for a two week period. The boot camps will be held during May, June, July, August and September. Places will be limited so booking is advisable.

For more information please call me on 07736 070612.