Thought I’d suggest an idea which will hopefully help the parking issue around St Margarets. is a self-service pay-as-you-go car hire company, where cars are available for rent by the hour, day, week or month in your local area 24/7. They have dedicated parking spots, and I’m aware of cars in East Twickenham, Richmond and Twickenham.

It would be great if we could get a few around St Margarets and those that don’t need their cars as often can get rid of them. We certainly use it and sold our 2nd car.

Unfortunately streetcar makes arrangement with companies or individuals to place these cars on their property with public access. In the St Margarets area there are probably very limited much opportunities, so the council will probably have to agree dedicated parking spots on the street.

Anyone else think that this will work?

– from Dipesh Bhoola

Some info from Streetcar


Every Streetcar takes an average of 20 privately owned cars off the roads of the UK, because members often sell (or don’t replace) a car when they join. This means Streetcar has already taken over 12,000 cars off the streets.

What’s more, Streetcar has found that members choose to drive a car 68% less after joining Streetcar than before, because they use other means of transport more. This means that over the next 2 years Streetcar will prevent the emission of over 2,000,000kg of CO2.

Streetcar has been twice as successful as the London Congestion Charge at cutting car usage. Streetcar has caused a drop of 68% in miles driven among its members, as opposed to 33% for the Congestion Charging scheme. Source : Streetcar’s own customer data. TfL Congestion Charge Review.

Car ownership costs

The average cost per annum of owning a car which is used for 2 representative trips per week is £2,749 (AA figures), whereas it is only £707 if using Streetcar for exactly the same trips. Source : The AA, Streetcar’s own figures.