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Planning Application: Former Crown Road Surgery

The owners or the building that used to be the Crown Road Surgery, at 66 Crown Road have submitted a planning application to turn the property into four flats, including:

29 February 2008 | news

Stop Heathrow Expansion End-of-Consultation Rally

At the Central Hall, Westminster on 25th February 2008, 7pm.

21 February 2008 | around_town

More time to cross at the A316

Agreement has been reached with Transport For London for a longer ‘green man’ period on the A316 crossing from the central island to the north side of the road at the St Margaret’s roundabout.

Following correspondence from St Margaret’s Community Website, North St Margarets Residents’ Association, Orleans Infant and St Stephen’s Schools, Peter Czachowski from TFL paid a second site visit on Wednesday 23rd January and met with Kate Holliday, Head of Governors at Orleans Infant School and Hilary Thomson of NSMRA. Kate had her small daughter Milly with her to demonstrate how there is insufficient time to gather children and get to the other side before the ‘green man’ signal goes off and cars are speeding towards you. At the end of the meeting Peter agreed an additional ‘green man’ period, from the present 5 (nearer 3.5 according to a stopwatch!) to 8 seconds, plus a 1 second delay in the appearance of the green man, so pedestrians can be more certain approaching cars really ARE going to stop. He also reiterated that by pressing the RH push-button on the S side of the A316, pedestrians will be able to shorten the wait on the central reservation. He has confirmed these changes in writing, stating that they estimate completion of these changes will take 2-3 months.

We should all note meanwhile, that the green man signal is now described by TFL as ‘an invitation to cross’ and the fact that it goes off before you reach the other side of the road is ‘nothing to worry about’ – something we took issue with, as parents trying to teach our children safe road crossing techniques.

Regarding the pedestrian crossing on the North side of the roundabout at the start of St Margarets Road, TFL are unable to make significant changes to the existing arrangement as the LH signal is on private land.

Finally in response to the speeding issue, Peter has advised us to contact the London Road Safety Unit at TFL and the Highways Agency, both responsible in part for speeding and cameras on or near the roundabout. Rather helpfully, as we were trying to convince Peter that speeding vehicles were a problem, a Tesco lorry took the roundabout too fast and shed a load of boxes of bottles on the road at the crossing, causing cars behind to swerve out of the way while shards of glass shot up in the air.

21 February 2008 | news

Ed Randall's Picture of the Day

Ed Randal's Picture of the Day

18 February 2008 | around_town

Event Reminder: Shakespeare's Bloodiest Play

Titus Andronicus

18 February 2008 | around_town

Pictures for Frances?

About a year ago, we received a letter from the daughter of a former St Margarets’ resident who has longed to return to the UK since 1946. At the time she was looking for help on getting a flight arranged for her mother to visit, but now writes asking for photos and news. If any reader knows Frances and can relate some stories, or a photographers with a good set of photos of the area, please email us at and we will arrange to email off the information.

7 February 2008 | around_town

Teddington CPZ: An Unrepresentative Minority wants a CPZ

“I thought you might be interested in my analysis of the Council’s survey in Teddington. The issues are very similar — the worst parking problem occurs in the evening — and yet the Council wishes to force through a CPZ on a small positive vote (completely ignoring those who didn’t vote for whatever reason) of a relatively small section of the area (they asked half the households in Teddington for their views).

5 February 2008 | news

Orange Tree Theatre Arts Council Grant Reinstated

The Orange Tree Theatre is delighted to announce that its Arts Council grant has been reinstated, having been under the threat of a 17 % cut. This decision is a reflection of the Arts Council’s belief in the quality and importance of the Orange Tree’s work and recognition of its significant London-wide reputation. The Orange Tree is London’s only theatre permanent theatre in the round and its commitment to unearthing forgotten classics gives it a national significance. Without full funding the Orange Tree would be unable to continue with its unique programme of work as well as its many education and outreach projects, and so it is with relief that we learn that the Arts Councils’ full support will continue.

1 February 2008 | news

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