The editorial by Kim Thomas has resulted in a number of questions and comments about the CPZ that I felt warranted a brief note for clarification and balance.

  1. Many people had questions about the original consultation’s results. This site published an article with links to the Richmond Council documents and many nice charts and maps
  2. The current (second) consultation phase that we are now in was based on a Council decision published not long after the initial consultation results, on 18 July 2007. This site’s article, Expanded CPZ Moves to Next Stage describes the next steps and rough timetable for the secondary stage of the CPZ planning – which the Council has largely kept up with. These include the following three points which suggest what is happening now shouldn’t be too surprising:
    • To progress a CPZ to the next stage of consultation in those roads south of Netherton Road and west of Cassillis Road, (including Southwestern Road and St Margarets Grove in the consultation but not necessarily in the implementation), to include the setting up of a parking working group of resident and business representatives to progress detailed design and advertise a traffic regulation order.
    • To agree for statutory consultation to take place prior to a decision being taken on those roads to be included within a zone.
    • To carry out a review six months after implementation, should a zone be introduced, and the review to include those areas adjacent to the zone.
  3. If you look at the streets currently under consideration, the voting there was closer to 48% in support of the CPZ, it was 65% against if you looked at the entire area in the initial survey.
  4. Prior to receiving Kim’s editorial this site had asked our local councillors, including Cllr Trigg for more information on the status of the CPZ and received only the most basic information and are still waiting for a more detailed and formal set of information to publish an article.