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Cllr Morgan Comments on the CPZ

It was made clear to us at the local elections that a main issue for St Margarets was the quantity of vehicles and the difficulty of parking them in some roads, especially at night. Though it seemed unlikely that residents wanted parking controls after working hours, a controlled parking zone [CPZ] could ease the position during the day for some residents in some roads by excluding commuter parking. Richmond uses a two-stage consultation process to decide whether or not to implement a CPZ ( See this article ). Stage 1, which finds out who are these residents and which are the roads, was done in May/June; the results were published at on this site here and here, on the Council’s site .

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12 December 2007 | editorial

Notes on CPZ

The editorial by Kim Thomas has resulted in a number of questions and comments about the CPZ that I felt warranted a brief note for clarification and balance.

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10 December 2007 | editorial

Event Reminder: Crown Road Christmas Fair

Yes, it is that time of year.

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7 December 2007 | around_town

CPZ Update

I hope all of you who are concerned about the spread of CPZ in St Margarets read this so you know what is happening currently. I was informed the night two nights ago that the council would be holding an unpublicised meeting on 4 December, 7PM, Winchester Hall, St Margarets at which the street and signage design of a “trial consultation” in a newly proposed CPZ in St Margarets would be decided by “invited” residents.

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6 December 2007 | editorial

Ches's Trattoria Pasta & Pizza Opens

Ches’s Cafe is to become Ches’s Trattoria Pasta & Pizza as of Monday 3rd December. A new dining area downstairs from Ches’s Cafe has been created almost single handedly by owner Tony over the last year. The restaurant features include a genuine traditional wood burning Pizza Oven made in Italy and installed by Romans, with modern decor throughout and a summer conservatory which is sure to be a big hit with Pizza connoisseurs. Opening Hours will be 6-10.30 Monday to Saturday and the premises are currently unlicensed so please bring a bottle or two of Peroni.

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3 December 2007 | news

The School on Shuhada Street

This is the fourth dispatch from Gill Swain, a local writer who has traveled to Palestine to work for peace with the World Council of Churches .

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3 December 2007 | news

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