Burial at Thebes - Sue Baxter as Antigone and Michael Daly as Creon

The State vs The Individualthe eternal conflict

Next production from the Richmond Shakespeare Society is The Burial at Thebes, Seamus Heaney’s 21st century translation of Sophocles’ Antigone. His beautifully poetic translation transforms this 5th century BC classic into a modern delight which flows effortlessly into the mind.

The name Antigone means “one with the opposite view,” and her conflict with her uncle King Creon over her unburied brother is the pivot round which this timeless tragedy remorselessly develops.

The tensions between obligations to family and state, obedience to the gods and earthly powers, pose dilemmas for all involved. Heaney stays faithful to Sophocles’ text, adding his own stylish touches and using familiar language to combine poetry and modern idiom in reviving an ancient masterpiece.

Director Stella Gheury de Bray says: “Heaney is one of our greatest-ever playwrights and a modern winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The play is full of evocative imagery in down-to-earth language, and although high tragedy, every character is true to life and believable.”

Performances are at 7.45pm on Saturday Oct 20th, Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd, and Thurs- Sat 24th -27th, matinees 4pm Sun 21st and 3pm Saturday 27th. Tickets £7 or £8, all performances non-smoking.