Walking Buss

The St Margarets Sales and Letting agency Churchills has come to the aid of three of Richmond’s Walking Buses with a rolling sponsorship package.

The three Orleans Infant and St Stephen’s Walking Buses were previously funded by Richmond Council but latterly funding has only been available for schools with an approved School Travel Plan.

Continued support from the schools and the welcome additional funds from Churchills will enable the walking buses to continue in their current form, including the popular ‘Friday treats’, visits from Santa and the special schoolbags presented to the Walking Bus children in assembly – rewards which have been found to encourage many more children to walk to school.

Churchills have been sponsoring the St Margarets Fair for over a decade, and are official sponsors to St Stephen’s and Orleans Infants. The Walking Bus sponsorship - which includes overprinted hi-viz tabards for the children to wear, further extends their commitment to the St Margaret’s community.

“The Walking Buses are promoting fitness and reducing traffic and pollution in our area” comments Pauline Crisp, Marketing Director of Churchills. “Churchills are delighted to be sponsoring such a worthwhile contribution to our community.”

Hilary Thomson of the North St Margarets Walking Bus adds “Our children walk a long way to school, every day, rain or shine. They deserve treats and rewards and these in turn attract more children to the Bus. We are very happy to have Churchills on board!”

The Walking Bus from North St Margaret’s is the longest-running Walking Bus in London with a six-year track record. It also has one of the longest routes - nearly a mile from Haliburton Road to Orleans Infants via St Stephens School. The Bus is not only featured in Richmond Council’s and TFL’s Walking Bus training DVD but was recently included in a Radio 4 programme on fitness ( listen here ). Together the three Orleans/St Stephens Walking Buses take around 35 cars off the road every morning.

Further information for parents interested in using the Walking Bus services:

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