Do you want the proposed CPZ to include your road?

The report on the CPZ consultation has been published.

Overall, 52% of households responded to the survey with 65% saying they do not want a CPZ and only 36.8% saying they would want a CPZ on their road if everyone else wanted one. Most people didn’t care about the stopping up of the rear of 141-143 St Margarets Road (49.4) or about a car club (41.3).

NOTE: Click on the pie chart for details on each question.

The following roads have clearly voted ‘YES’:

Bridge Road 54%
Broadway Avenue 89%
Kenley Road 67%
Winchester Road 73%
Orchard Road 54%
St Peters Road 70%
Cumberland Close 55%

google map

The following roads have clearly voted ‘NO’:

Ailsa Avenue 82%
Ailsa Road 83%
Cassilis Road 83%
Cole Park Road 72%
Gordon Avenue 79%
Haliburton Road 84%
Heathcote Road 76%
Heron Road 90%
Kilmorey Gardens 81%
Kilmorey Road 80%
Netherton Road 82%
Newry Road 94%
Nicol Close 75%
Norfolk Close 86%
Normanhurst Drive 82%
Northcote Road 89%
South Western Road 82%
St Georges Road 71%
St Margarets Drive 76%
St Margarets Road 74%
Talbot Road 100%

street by street detail

Here is a link to the map

The remaining roads are somewhere in between ( see graph on right ).

Charleville Mews, Cole Park View, Cranebank Mews, Drummond Place and Sussex Close did not respond to the survey.

The report will be the main business of a meeting of the Transport Consultative Group on Wednesday, 18 July 2007, starting at 6:30 pm in the Council Chamber, York House, Twickenham. Contact: Helen Jones, Environment Directorate 020 8891 7338, Email:

thanks to Chris Squire for the core of this post