The old Koblers’ Bakery building has apparently been sold to Chase Buchanan, the estate agent who is seeking planning permission to change the building to A2 use for their offices.

According to the application:

“This proposal is in keeping with the spirit and direction of local planning and will protect the retail integrity of St Margarets Road whilst aiding the growth of a successful local business and employer.”

St Margarets will now have six shop fronts dedicated to Estate Agents – 18% of all shops.

If you would like to comment on the application, you may do so here.

UPDATE: apparently the ‘derilict’ shops are not accurately listed… so I have removed the phrase from the article as I do not have time to investigate the matter personally.

UPDATE: strangely, people are having a hard time reading the links in this particular article… even though I have not changed anything with the look of the site in ages, so: