We have received the following letter regarding the odd inclusion on in the CPZ survey about the road behind Taylor’d Lighting on St Margarets Road.

A questionnaire has been circulated this week to all who could be affected by the proposed St Margarets CPZ. My comments here are not about the main thrust of the questionnaire but about Question 4: - “Are you in favour of the proposed stopping up order at the rear of 141-143 St Margarets Road?”

The suggestion is to move part of the public highway, currently available for occasional parking and for general public use, into private ownership. I do not see how this can benefit the community.

Frankly I do not understand why the question has been included here because it bears little connection to the CPZ. But accepting that the question is included here for convenience, I write because there is very little, if any, discussion in the information pack as to the impact of this change and why it is being considered.

I accept that there would be very little impact to most of St Margarets, but it may be considerable to my neighbour and I, the nearest two premises affected, who feel strongly about this, and to others in Broadway Avenue. We shall be voting no to the proposal and hoping that others do likewise.


Bob Hampson 2 Broadway Avenue