Cllr Trigg in the CCTV Smart Car

St Margarets is about to get two new tools in fighting irresponsibly motorists. the first is the two month trial of a new high-tech car fitted with a CCTV camera on a periscope. The specially modified Smart car will target known hotspots, homing in on motorists parking on pavements and illegally parking around schools and pedestrian crossings.

It will also be called to enforce traffic and parking restrictions on rugby match days around Twickenham Stadium. Motorists caught flouting the rules will be issued with a fixed penalty notice. The cars are already being used by Westminster, Enfield, Camden and Islington Councils and have proved effective in improving pedestrian safety and reducing traffic accidents and congestion.

Councillor David Trigg, Cabinet Member for Traffic, Transport and Parking, said:

“Indiscriminate parking around schools and pedestrian crossings is highly irresponsible and poses a real danger to pedestrians.

“This new technology will enable us to focus on problem areas quickly and efficiently, in a way that parking attendants are unable to do.”

Additionally, the CCTV camera on the mast, next to Broadway Stores will become operational from 1st April for monitoring the Tesco loading bay area, resulting in increased issue of fixed penalty notice to any offending parkers.