The hearing that was to question the Richmond Council Licensing Sub-Committee’s procedure in the Par Vinu wine bar case has been withdrawn by the complainants.

bq.. “Just to let you know that we have withdrawn the appeal (the hearing to have been 30th November).

In brief – we were advised by Counsel that although she felt there was a very high probability that the court would recommend that the Application should be re-heard by the court or the LBRUT – she had little doubt that the Application would still eventually stand. The applicants have made it quite clear that should they subsequently win they would make a claim for ‘consequential’ loses against us, Counsel advises that irrespective of even if the reason for a re-hearing was down to LBRUT the applicants could still claim against us - that is one of the quirks of the law. As we understand that claim could be for a very substantial amount, we’ve decided it’s too risky. So much for the ‘right’ of appeal.”

– Harry Jacobs