Sam Leak

There is a new weekly jazz fixture on Monday nights at The Rising Sun hosted by the Sam Leak Trio. Sam says

“with the Jam Session I am hoping to reach out particularly to the Jazzers in the Richmond and Twickenham community, whose numbers have been hugely elevated due to the fantastic course run by Jazz Bassist Dave Jones at the Richmond Adult Community College. I’d also like to attract many of the Jazz students around the area and London who are out there looking for Jam Sessions to play at and to meet up with other musicians. Aside from this from this I’m keen that Jazz enthusiasts (or even those with only a mild interest in Jazz!) and players of all levels come and check it out – whether to play or simply watch some (hopefully) great jamming, and to enjoy the gig in the first half of each session which will be featuring some great soloists each week!”

See the event list here