The consultation for the proposed Controlled Parking Zone [CPZ] in St Margaret’s village will not start until late January at the earliest. The Council’s Cabinet plans to decide at its meeting on Monday, 15 January 2007, on the details of its new charging scheme for CPZs, which is currently out to consultation (see Consultation on emission based charging for parking permits and note the deadline for receipt of completed questionnaires and comments is 15 December 2006.)

If all runs to plan, the consultation will start as soon as is feasible after January 15 and will contain full details of the charges that will apply if a CPZ is created. A legal challenge to the new scheme (unlikely but possible) will delay matters further.

Residents should be aware that:

  • a CPZ only operates during limited hours within the working day, Monday-Friday (e.g. 8.30 or 10.30 - 4.30) and not at all in the evening and at night
  • a CPZ uses double-yellow-lines and parking wardens to promote pedestrian safety and emergency access
    • this means fewer lawful spaces for overnight parking
  • CPZs are only created in roads where there is a majority (of those voting) in favour

… and other parts of the borough have rejected CPZs in the past, sometimes more than once, sometimes after long-running bitter arguments between neighbours.

Opinion in St Margarets is divided. The delay gives both sides of the argument ample time to marshal their case and identify both supporters and opponents. Let battle commence!

– from Chris Squire