boy with flowers

The community bulb planting event on Saturday 14 October at Moormead was a great success. 18 people some with their kids turned out to plant 2,000 daffodil bulbs. We had a great deal of fun and were shown a few good practice tips for digging and planting. We learnt how to dig perfectly square holes creating perfectly square clods of soil that were put back in the square holes once the bulbs had been positioned, turf still intact. The bulbs were all planted at far end of the Mead near the railway line. We are all eagerly looking forward to spring.

The day was run by FORCE (Friends of the River Crane Environment), who also provided tea and yummy cakes.

FORCE have organised a number of further volunteer days, the next is on 12th November at Craneford Fields. The day is followed by the annual barbeque, everyone who has done any work with FORCE is invited. Full details of the work done and future events can be found on the website