Magnet, a community initiative to support and inspire people with work related aspirations!

What is Magnet?

Magnet is a forum that allows the informal coming together of people (mainly women at the moment) who live in our community and share an interest in their work arrangements/choices/needs. Though not exclusively, this is largely driven by the need to address the balance of parenting and work demands. There are, however, people who just want to contribute to a community effort.

Magnet’s agenda seeks to address the work related needs of members either through formal sessions (presentations at our meetings) or through the Magnet network (either at the meetings or on the Magnet grapevine which is flourishing!

How people hear about Magnet?

Most of the people who come to Magnet meetings have heard about us through conversations whilst going about their ‘community business’ e.g., going to/from school; at church; while attending children’s activities or at local friends dinner parties!

Highlights so far?

Many connections have been made through Magnet leading to recommendations for freelance work; people with similar jobs supporting each other in difficult situations through to a recruitment consultant placing another member in a local marketing role. These examples clearly demonstrate Magnet’s contribution to the community.

Magnet meetings

Magnet meets twice a term at the Winchester Hall next to the Turks Head. The next two meetings are Thursday, October 12th and Thursday, December 7th . Meetings start at 8.30pm and finish at 10.30. The format is one hour formal meeting followed by one hour networking in the pub!

How will Magnet evolve?

In terms of where Magnet is going it will continue to meet the needs of its members work agendas as they evolve. This year we are hoping to plan all 6 meetings in advance so that everyone knows what topics are on the agenda for each meeting and so that we can encourage other members to take the lead in some of these meetings.

To contact Magnet email: or phone Sue Jenkins (07810 540041), Penny Vegting (07836 611 477) or Emer Wynne (07908 628 198)