On Monday 11th September there was quite a serious fire in a van in the car park next to the business centre at the end of Winchester Road. A tree also caught alight and it seemed likely at one point that sparks from the fire would reach some of the houses. The most serious aspect of this incident was that the fire engine was unable to reach the fire because of cars dangerously parked across the corners of Broadway Avenue and Winchester Road and at the end of Winchester Road. In the end the fire fighters had to park the fire engine some distance away and pull the hoses over the hedge to reach the van.

The fire was quite quickly brought under control but it could have been much more serious. The point is that something needs to be done about this dangerous situation of people parking across the corners of roads. The emergency services simply cannot reach the houses in some of the streets because of badly parked cars.

– submitted by local resident, Jane Pettersson