On the 9th April we posted information on the website about the a local fund raising project at St Margarets RC Church. This is held every year in the parish during Lent and the money raised is used to help some of the poorest people on the planet. All the money raised has now been counted and accounted for and we are pleased to be able to tell you were the money has gone.

£15,000.00 has been sent to CAFOD for the provision of fresh, clean drinking-water supplies to the hurricane-devastated and flooded area of Quich{e’}, Guatemala. This tragedy was at the time somewhat overshadowed by the Pakistan earthquake disaster, but the local church decided that it needed our full support, so it became the first priority for St Margarets this Lent 2006. The original appeal was to support rebuilding of homes, but this has now been taken over by other agencies, and we were told that the immediate much more urgent need is for a healthy water supply, to support life and avoid the spread of disease which is always a danger in such circumstances, and this is what your donations have achieved. Fr John has received ‘Thank you’ letters from the local communities, as well as from CAFOD itself, and the church hope to have photos to display in the church hall before long.

Two other beneficiaries have received £2000 each from the funds raised: ‘Medicins sans Frontieres’ for their work in the Pakistan Kashmir earthquake disaster, and the Comboni Sisters at Redeemer Children’s Home in Northern Uganda, who provide refuge for children who have escaped from the clutches of the Lord’s Resistance Army, and are badly scarred by their experiences and need intense and long-term care, love and education to help them return to any sort of normal life.

So your donations have been passed on and are currently making a difference to the lives of people we are unlikely to ever meet. Fr John writes “CAFOD say they intend to use our experience in their publications to encourage others, and you may even be seeing some reference to your generosity in our local press shortly. On behalf of all who have benefited, THANK YOU!”