Councillor Ben Khosa has been in contact with Tesco regarding their deliveries to the St Margarets Road Tesco Express to understand and see if there could be further adjustments. The following was the Tesco response:

“We have reduced the size of the delivery vehicles we use.

We originally used 16.5 metre vehicles - which are full size.

We now deliver fresh food every morning on a 10 metre rigid. Occasionally if volumes are great we would use an artic with a 14 metre trailer. I would stress this is not a regular occurence, but is still smaller than the original vehicle used.

The grocery delivery which happens on Monday - Saturday afternoons is done from a small box van, again unless there is a huge spike in volumes when we would then move to a 10ft rigid vehicle for this.

We did look at consolidating the deliveries further but due to volumes of goods involved it was not possible.”