Georgie Islip

We are running a series of articles from Georgie Islip, a local resident and fitness and nutrition specialist who runs a personal training company, GeoLifestyle in the area. This second article is on ‘the benefits of exercise’…

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise includes four core areas; these are cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance and strength. Each component helps towards the feeling of well-being and healthiness.

The benefits of regular exercise can be split into short and long term gains. Initially in the short term you experience the following:

  • feeling of well-being,
  • improved muscle tone,
  • improved cardio fitness
  • and improved energy levels.

Long term gains from physical exercise include:

  • reduced risk of heart disease,
  • increased efficiency of the heart,
  • reduced blood pressure,
  • reduced resting heart rate,
  • control of stress,
  • maintenance and weight control,
  • control of cholesterol levels when combined with a healthy balanced diet,
  • and improved vitality and energy levels.

Any type of activity is better than no activity. Look at increasing your exercise most days of the week, so that you are doing about 30 minutes per day. In a matter of weeks you will start feeling the benefits. Set yourself some short term goals and focus on these over the next few weeks.

So next time you think about taking the lift, take the stairs instead. When you do use your car, walk further, by parking as far away from the entrance as possible.

So just go and do something now!

Increasing your daily activity levels to follow.

For more information please call Georgie on 07736070612 or visit her website