Balls to Cancer Mystery Man

Nigel Cannings, a local resident, has passed the following along and asked that we help promote Testicular Cancer Awareness Month; however, I will leave the rest for Nigel to explain:

We’re helping promote Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and have enlisted Dave Bassett, and a whole host of other football celebs to help out. Basically, we’re getting people to send in photos of themselves (preferably by MMS from their camera phone), along the theme of “Say Balls to Cancer” - Mostly, we have pix of people in England shirts with a ball strategically placed (Dave, Lennie Lawrence and Nigel Winterburn), but in the case of Ian Holloway, there is a ball, and nothing else!

We got featured on Simon Mayo’s show on 5 Live yesterday, and I am trying to drum up some more interest – We’re looking a) for people to contribute photos, and b) to tell as many people as possible what we are up to, and for them to tell their mates, etc… etc…

I’d be really grateful if you could take a look at the site (, maybe send in a photo, or take pictures of people around you to send in, and then pass it on, either to your own mailing lists, or through your own companies

All of the money we receive is going to help support research into Testicular Cancer – We get money from the MMS pictures, and have a link to allow donations direct to Everyman. All of the celebrities supporting us are giving their time for free, and Dave Bassett is spending the week doing interviews for us.

There’s also some mystery bloke on there as well - Don’t know if you recognise him…