The following comment was received following Wednesday’s Police Surgery. Thank you Ann.

“I am just back from Zorans and can report that I spoke to PC Richens and a community Support officer. PS Malik called in to say that ‘the police team are complely behind this community involvement and their interest and enthusiasm will continue at the same level because they are committed to this area.’

Also in there were our three newly elected councilors, Philip Morgan, Ben Khosa and Geoff Acton. I asked if it would be possible to have an evening or weekend meeting and it was agreed that the police and the councillors would come to the local St Margarets Development meeting already arranged for Tuesday 6th June between 7.30 and 9pm in the Winchester Hall.

I asked PC Richens about the false front on the Tesco cash machine and he has promised to bring more information about this sort of crime and what to look for on the 6th of June. In the meantime he said that they would keeping an eye on the area.

PC Richens said that he had found the poll on the website very helpful and they would take the comments in to account when patroling the area. He is going to look into the possibility of writing a regular police update for the website.”