We have recieved the following from Kevin Waite, a resident concerned with English Heritage’s Licence Application for the Marble Hill Concerts. He is urging residents to write to Richmond Council to object to the multi-year nature of the licence (at a minimum).

I’m attaching an information flyer some of us have distributed locally, making people aware of the intentions of IMG and English Heritage to apply for a licence for the summer concerts. Under the new Licensing Act, licence applications are awarded indefinitely.

We are concerned that IMG and English Heritage plan to turn Marble Hill Park into a spring/summer/Autumn long concert venue, with increasing audiences. This is inappropriate to the size of the park and the implications for all those who like to use it. There are serious safety issues surrounding concerts, which are in addition to all the other events that are planned and for which licence has been granted.

PLEASE would you alert your readers to the fact that they need to object to the licence (certainly without restrictions that will then apply to future years) by 10th May. The council can only take into consideration objections on the grounds of public safety, public nuisance, crime and disorder.

Marble Hill Park Threatened

Licence application is the thin end of the wedge

Were you upset by the noise and car parking disturbances caused by the August concerts during 2004 and 2005?

This year IMG, the concert organiser, and English Heritage plan concerts on the following days, all with fireworks (up to 10:30pm), except the Jazz Caf{e’}:

Saturday, August12 7:30pm – 10:30pm Jules Holland
Sunday, August 13 2:00pm – 10:00pm Jazz Caf{e’}
Saturday, August19 7:30pm – 10:30pm Dirty Dancing
Saturday, August 26 7:30pm – 10:30pm Westlife Pop Group  
Sunday, August 27 7:30pm – 10:30pm Last Night of the Proms

In addition, on the day of the concerts:

  • There will be heavy support lorries delivering equipment during the morning.
  • This year, for the first time, there will be 90 minutes of full amplification in the rehearsal period (2pm to 5pm). Previously there were just sound checks.
  • It will be midnight before the car parks are cleared.
  • The park cleaners will not be able to finish before 1am.

Why is this year important?

IMG is applying under the new Licensing Act for a premises licence for five concerts this year and six thereafter. When a licence is granted, it is for an indefinite period. It is therefore essential that the licence granted this year places a maximum limit on the audience size (now 8,000) and the length of concerts. If it doesn’t, IMG will be free to expand the size and change the nature of their programmes.

It is therefore vital to make your comments known about this year’s application before the license is granted as it will affect future years.

What can you do?

Before May 10th 2006, contact the Council’s licensing office with your views if you want to prevent Marble Hill Park being turned into a summer stadium with large areas permanently fenced off. Objections can be made under the four areas which the council have to take into account: public safety, public nuisance, crime and disorder, and protection of children from harm.

By email: licensing@richmond.gov.uk

For further information please contact:

Adam Brand Tel: 8892 6831 for Cambridge Park & surrounds
Michael Frayn michaelfrayn@btinternet.com for Petersham and Ham
Jill Jones Tel: 8892 6108 for Montpelier Row & surrounds
Paula Vokes Tel: 8892 1219 for Meadowside & surrounds
Kevin Waite mail@kevin-waite.com for Richmond Road & surrounds