In both St Margarets and Twickenham Riverside Wards, the Liberal Democrats have won by sizeable margins (2,197 votes in St Margarets and 550 in Twickenham Riverside – Lib Dem votes compared to Conservative ). Voter turn out was strong as well with 3,601 people voting in St Margarets, compared to 3,106 in 2002.

St Margarets

Candidate Party Votes
Geoffrey Acton _Liberal Democrat 2019
Philip Morgan _Liberal Democrat 1886
Ben Khosa _Liberal Democrat 1811
Simon Lamb _Conservative 1249
Catherine Searle _Conservative 1225
Annie Hambidge _Conservative 1045
Judy Maciejowska _Green Party 707
Barry Edwards _Independent 474
William Devine _Labour 262
Peter Dul _UKIP 125

Twickenham Riverside

Candidate Party Votes
Mary Denise Catherine Carr Liberal Democrat 1838
David Stanley Francis Trigg Liberal Democrat 1728
Michael Robert Wilson Liberal Democrat 1600
Joe James Broughton Conservative 992
Stuart Leamy Conservative 950
Anatole Weinberger Pang Conservative 855
Gillian Clara Thomas Green Party 440
James Richard Page Green Party 392
Henry Boscawen Leveson Gower Green Party 321
John Grant Labour 159
Sheila Nixon Labour 141
Andrew James Constantine UKIP 106