Georgie Islip Over the next few months, we are going to be running a series of articles from Georgie Islip, a local resident and fitness and nutrition specialist who runs a personal training company, GeoLifestyle in the area. This first article is on ‘getting started’…

Getting Started

We are inundated with reports and comments from the media about the rise in obesity and the consequential health risks associated with being over weight. We all know that we should be walking 10,000 steps per day. But do we? How many times have we joined a gym and never gone? The fitness industry loves people like this who are the silent members. Millions are wasted a year on unused memberships.

I would say forget joining a gym and save your money, as we are lucky enough to live in an area of London which has numerous parks and open space to enjoy. Why not enjoy these surroundings and not spend your valuable free time in a soulless room full of weights and other dull equipment?

Start getting active. You don’t have to do much. Just try the following:

  • If you drive to work, park further away so you have to walk longer to get to the offices.
  • Rather than send an email, walk to your colleague and talk face to face.
  • Use the toilets furthest away from you so you have to walk further.
  • Take a lunch break and get outside. Walk around for 10-15 minutes at a faster than normal pace. You will be so much more refreshed and ready for an afternoons work.
  • Get of one stop earlier if traveling back on the train and walk home.
  • Book exercise into your diary as an appointment and do not miss it.

You will start to feel the benefits of exercising, which are improved muscle tone. Weight loss, increase confidence and self esteem to name but a few.

I will discuss more about the benefits of exercise in the next article.

For more information please call Georgie on 07736070612 or visit her website