The meeting run by Hamish Waugh, Project Manager for Parks & Open Spaces Richmond upon Thames, on Tuesday 18 April was not well attended. Only a handful of residents some with their children came along to the Winchester Hall to view the plans being considered. A number of playground companies tendered for the Moormead Park project and the top three’s plans were brought along for residents to view and make comment.

A budget of £80k has been allocated by Richmond Council, up from the original £60. Approximately 50% of the cost of the redevelopment is allocated to the play equipment and the remainderto install the equipment, provide safety surfacing and security to the site.

The playground will extend slightly beyond the boundary of the current one to reduce the need to place equipment in the secluded to the rear. The plans incorporate equipment for children aged 3-12. Taking the residents comments into account, the Council will select a vendor. Works should start by the end of May and should be completed within 6 - 8 weeks. Hamish commented that the works will be conducted with little disruption to the local community.

The existing maintenance contracts with playground companies as the rest of the borough apply. Equipment is checked on a monthly basis to ensure safe – nuts and bolts secure and so on. Any faults are reported when these checks are made. Service Team will make daily checks for glass, rubbish and graffiti. Yearly inspections and risks are assessed by an independent company.