Tesco is appealing the Richmond Council Planning Committee’s refusal for their existing advertising signage. This appeal is based on the grounds that:

  • the planning officers originally recommended permission for the signage in the first application – it was later refused in the Planning Committee
  • that other stores on the high street, namely OddBins, are using largely the same signage
  • that other Councils across the country have approved the identical signage in similar positions as this Tesco.

The appeal is against Tesco’s second request for permission on signage that has been in-place since the original re-fit of the store.

The only people who can comment on the appeal are those who commented on the original, second planning application. To so you have to send three copies of your comments to:

Planning Inspectorate Room 4/04 Kite Wing Temple Quay House 2 The Square Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6PN