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Marble Hill Cafe Closing

The caf{e’} based in the coach house is closing down having given very little notice to its workers.

28 February 2006 | news

Funeral for James Gilby

On 1st of March 2006 was the funeral of Twickenham teen, James Gilby, who died of a heart attack on 13th February while playing football in Moormead Park. The funeral was held at St Mary’s Church in Twickenham.

28 February 2006 | news

Review : Kew Gardens' Orchid Festival

Dirk Winter's Kew Orchid

28 February 2006 | around_town

Wine Bar Gets Planning Officer's Recommendation

Par Vinu Logo

22 February 2006 | news

Police in Zorans

The Police are coming to St Margarets!

22 February 2006 | news

General Manager of St Margarets Tavern Leaving

St Margarets Tavern

22 February 2006 | news

Comedy Evening at Orleans Park School


21 February 2006 | around_town

Preparing for the 2006 St Margarets' Fair

St Margarets Fair

21 February 2006 | news

2x2 Opera Needs Your Help!

We recently ran a story on the local young person’s opera company, the 2x2 Opera. Right now they are getting ready for their next performance called A Very Magical Flute and they really need your help. According to Deborah Meyer,

16 February 2006 | editorial

Mogden Group Litigation Reminder

In late December, 2005, the High Court allowed for a Group Litigation Order regarding the odour and mosquitoes problems created by the Mogden Sewage Treatment Works. The goal of the group action is to seek compensation and an injunction to prevent Mogden from causing problems in the future.

16 February 2006 | around_town

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