Marble Hill House

English Heritage has applied for a new license to serve alcohol at Marble Hill Park from 10:30am to 11pm, Monday through Sunday and to 1:30pm for weddings, special functions and events. The period of commenting on the application is closed.

This application makes sense considering the recent approval to hold weddings at the house, the annual concerts and the still undecided planning request to setup marquees for up to 16 events per year.

After numerous groups contacted him to protest the licensing request, Local MP, Vincent Cable has contacted English Heritage. He has stated;

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“English Heritage has a serious funding problem since the Department of Culture, Media and Sport has made it a target for cuts, while favouring its pet causes like the Olympics. English Heritage then tries to make money by cutting costs and squeezing more out of its assets like Marble Hill. I don’t think the residents have any objection to a general licence for weddings and functions at Marble Hill House provided it finishes at reasonable hours. But the idea of drunks wandering around the Park and neighbouring streets in the early hours of the morning is not acceptable.”

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