In the last full Richmond Council meeting, on the 15th of November, Councillor Annie Hambidge asked the council what was being done about the loading bay outside Tesco on St Margarets Road. She was assured by Councillor Mark Kreling, the cabinet member for transport and parking, that the bay was being closely monitored with a review in three months time, instead of the normal six months. Additionally, Councillor Kreling noted that he would consider resident’s complaints as part of this review.

To that end the St Margarets Community Website has set-up a page where residents can help monitor the loading bay for the council. We are asking all residents to please help track any problems they see with the loading bay, from oversized lorries to non-commercial vehicles parking out of hours.

Here is how it works:

  1. If you see something that should be reported, note the time, license plates and if you can, take a picture!
  2. Go to our Observation Form[1] and enter in the details. This form will automatically email key people on the Council, so no abuse please.
  3. Once you submit the form, you will be asked if you have any photo’s to upload, if you don’t, no problem.
  4. Then go to the Online Log[2] to see a record of all the submitted observations.

NOTE: if you have forgotten, the Loading Bay’s Rules are posted here.

[1] The observation form is now offline ;-)

[2] The online log is now offline ;-)