We all know that email attracts SPAM. Well websites with Forums and Comments do as well. In the last few months this site has been getting more and more SPAM comments.

Hopefully you don’t see any of them as I try to block them with some filters and regular reviewing of the logs. However, these filters are imperfect and often embargo real comments until I can get around to review them. My apologies if you no longer see your comments going up on the site immediately, but trust me, they will go up… unless….

You don’t use a real email address!

Just this morning I released four well reasoned comments where the author declined to leave their real name (which I don’t like, but allow) but also gave me bogus email addresses. I have allowed them to be published this one time, but I know your IP address and will block anyone who does that in the future. The email is not published, but allows me to know that you are a real person who is part of the community.

Therefore, I recommend the following etiquette:

  • Use your real name where possible. If you cannot for whatever reason, use the same pseudonym consistently so it doesn’t appear that you are an angry mob.
  • Use you real email address at all times it isn’t published, but let’s the site Administrator know its a real person.

Thank you.